Core Volleyball Club

What level should daughter play?

A common questions every parent will ask is “What level should my daughter play?” There is really not a simple answer; however, hopefully this guide will give you some insight to the different levels. You should base your decision on what type of time commitment and financial commitment you and your daughter can make.

Elite Travel Teams

Practices will be held (2) to (3) times per week. The expectation is that all players attend all practices. Elite Teams will travel to Power League Tournament up to 3 hours away, they will also travel to the Denver and Reno Qualifier. The competition level is very high and the goal is for these team to compete in the Top 36 of the Power League, and to qualify for Nationals or AAU National.

  • Practices 2-3 times per week
  • Up to 3+ hours travel time for tournaments
  • Attend Reno and Denver Qualifier
  • Triple Crown Invitational Salt Lake City Utah
  • JVA Tournament, Long Beach CA 
  • Highest Financial Commitment
  • High Competition Level

Power Teams

Practice will be held (2) times per week. Power Teams will travel up to 3 hours for Power League Tournament play and will play in Reno twice, once for the Reno Qualifier and a second time for Power League Regionals. Teams are focused on the competition, skill development, and overall team/player improvement. 

Practices 2-3 times per week

  • Up to 3+ hours away for tournaments
  • Attend Reno Qualifier, Denver Qualifier 
  • Higher Financial Commitment
  • Mid-High Competition Level

Premier/AAU Teams

Premier League is formally known as “Area League”. Premier teams are for players/parents who do not want to travel and are not looking for a huge time commitment. You still have the opportunity for the team experience and great coaching.

  • Practices 2 times per week
  • Local Tournaments
  • Low-Med Competition Level
  • Lower Financial Commitment