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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents have questions; we have answers. Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.
At Core, we want to offer you and your daughter a quality experience. We offer a competitive and fun environment where your daughter will enjoy competing at a high level not only in games but in practices as well. At Core, we believe that with support, encouragement, discipline, patience, and overall balance; your student-athlete will have the ability to play at a high level. Our goal is to prepare your daughter for the next level; whether that is her middle school, high school, or college program.

All of our coaches are Gold Medal Squared and at a minimum are Impact Certified by USA Volleyball. Our Elite coaches are USA Cap 1- Cap III certified which means these coaches have taken the time to continue their coaching education. We have coaches that have either played or coached at the DI, DII , NAIA and Junior College levels.

Please see our page regarding our breakdown of the different levels: What Level Should My Daughter Play?

The Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) is the governing body of all the clubs from California to Nevada. They are the entity that sets up our Power League, Friendship, and Qualifiers. They are in charge of location, time, and dates of tournaments. In order to participate in a tournament you must be a NCVA Member. Which consist of paying a $60.00 membership fee paid directly to the NCVA. For tryout purposes you can purchase a $15.00 tryout pass; however, once your daughter is selected for a team you must have a NCVA membership. If you purchase the membership upfront you save the $15.00 by only paying $60.00 instead of $75.00. Having either a NCVA Membership or a Tryout Pass is mandatory for any tryouts by NCVA Sanctioned Clubs. Any club not asking for your NCVA membership or tryout pass is not following NCVA policy and procedures. To register for your NCVA membership please visit: NCVA Membership

You want to play for a club that has history in Power League and Qualifier play. Our Power League team seeding will be based on our finishes from last season. For example our 16-1 team finished 25th overall, which means our 17-1 team will be ranked in the Top 30 for the Power League Qualifier. If our club did not have a 16-1 team then our 17’s team would be ranked at the bottom of the 17’s teams in Power League. It is the same with our any of 2’s team, because we have history our 2’s team will be ranked in the mid level range.

To view the tournament schedule for will be announced at the parent meeting during tryouts or it will be posted on the website once it’s completed.

It depends on the team and tournaments and will discussed in detail at the Tryout Parent Meeting.

Core has two facilities dedicated to volleyball. One is located at 6270 Houston Place Dublin, which is a 20,000 sq ft facility that holds two volleyball courts and a training area. The second facility is Core Courts 6490 Sierra Court Dublin, which holds one court and a training area. The best part about Core having its own courts is that you do not have to worry about practices cancelling due to being overbooked at a High School or College gym. Parents will know the practice schedule prior to the signing meeting for the next six months. 

Core offers a College Development program which can assist you and your daughter through the recruiting process. Go to our College Development Program for more info.

  • 2 dedicated volleyball facilities (3) Volleyball Courts
  • Set schedule & Practices
  • Volleyball Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Great Coaching
  • College Development Program
  • Great Value with no Hidden Fees
  • Great Results 2014
  • All Levels Available – Elite Travel Teams- Power Teams- Premier Teams- Junior Program
  • 9th season
  • Awards Banquet

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